Blog 5: The Use of Drones in Journalism

The Use of Drones in Journalism

An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), likely known as a drone, is operated by someone on ground and is used to explore and capture footage.

As technology advances, journalism has to incorporate new ways to portray the viewer/reader a clear perception of the story. “A drone is a purpose-built context machine. It can give people that understanding in just a few seconds of a video, a few times of still photos,” (Allen Etzler).

In Exploring the Use of Drones in Journalism, Etzler talks about how drones were useful in the Louisiana flooding and how 29 journalists were able to cover the story using drones and were authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Link to Exploring the Use of Drones in Journalism

I was exposed to the use of drones in my U.S/Mexico Border course, where I, along my classmates incorporated drone footage in our border stories, including our trip to the Sweetgrass, Montana and Village of Coutts, Alberta, Canada border.

The beginning of the following video is an example of drone footage. I used this footage to give the viewer a clear picture of the area of the Canadian border.

Leon, Julia. (2016 Dec 9). Two Towns One Community. [Video file] Retrieved from


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