Proposal for final project

With the Trump administration enforcing new immigration policies, millions of Hispanics live in fear not knowing what the future of themselves or family’s members will be. With Tucson being one of the closest cities to the southern border, I am interested on finding out what the immigration centers here are doing to help these communities. I am aware that people who are living on a ‘resident’ status are now trying to become U.S. citizens and that centers are helping and even having attorneys give free consults.

These are some of the centers to contact:

  • Multi Immigration Services

1835 S Alvernon Way #212

(520) 514-5966

  • Refugee Focus Tucson

120 N Stone Ave

(520) 721-4444

  • Cento de Ayuda

3601 S 16th Ave #301


  • Consulate General of Mexico

3915 E Broadway Blvd


This project will service to inform the community of the new policies and where to seek for help if needed. I intend to speak to leaders of the centers and participants. I also need to speak to a member of the community who needs this type of assistance or has already been to the centers.




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