Design: a technique to improve journalism

It is no lie that journalism has changed its way, news stories are mostly presented online, rather than a physical paper. Yet, news organizations are still finding ways to approach and engage readers. A research conducted by the Colombia Journalism School, interviewed designers and journalists from BuzzFeed, The New York Times, National Public Radio, and to argue the challenges the field is now facing.

The research identifies design as a method for creating new possibilities for journalism, such as, present prototypes faster, modification, understanding of consumers, “and tell stories of direct relevance,” (A Guide to Journalism and Design).

Having a proficient design system helps the news outlet make quicker moves as to uploading information to their sites and social media. It is important to have designers who program and are able to make their apps function properly.

In a way, we are selling the news through a design. Yet, it can help if the journalism is still accurate and transparent. The design is there to emphasize the topic. It can be thought as of a photograph and the saying that “a picture can say more than a million words.”

I have previous experience working in a design desk and it I can say it is such an important role in presenting news. Proper and well organized design has the power to lead the reader to the story. It gives the reader a sense of innovation and creativity.

Below is a link to A Guide to Journalism Design which include eight aspects of design that are in journalism context


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