Online journalism: from newspapers to live videos

From newspapers to cellphone apps, the world of journalism has done a 360 turn. For almost a decade, people have been trying to figure out how this change affects transparency in news and who is actually a journalist.

It is no lie that the internet has become such an essential tool for journalism. In seconds a story, photograph, video, and yes even tweets can go viral.

Back in 2013, reporter Aaron Chimbel from Online Journalism Review, wrote an article about how efficient The Texas Tribune had been when Texas had the debate about abortion restrictions. “…[o]nline non-profit news organization can drive coverage of a story and leave legacy media to talk, literally, about muffins,” wrote Chimbel.

What was The Texas Tribune doing that other outlets were not? The Texas Tribune was using live Youtube Stream.

“The Texas Tribune is one of the new(ish) breed of public accountability journalism organizations that have found a niche covering issues that often have been forgotten by traditional media,” wrote Chimbel.

The transition has changed writing stories to simply going live, in 2013 it was mostly YouTube stream, now we have Facebook live, Snapchat, and Instagram stories.

Below is the Livestream from The Texas Tribune.  It got 1,610,376 views.



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